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One of the best ways to evaluate a family law firm is by listening to past clients. The testimonials below will give you a very good idea of what you can expect if you chose to work with Lewellen | Strebe.
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Saved my startup amidst a divorce storm! Kim took my case from day one with all the facts in mind and worked toward my end goal with their CPAs and team members. She fought hard to get me the settlement I needed to continue to run the business I founded during my marriage. If you are looking for a key partner to help you navigate the murky waters of divorce and business continuity then Kim is just right for you.

Highly recommended!


Child Custody can be tough – But with the right attorney, you can persevere. The synopsis: I had hired my first lawyer through reference and it was not good. Upset and demoralized, a friend recommended Michael to me. To my surprise, I quickly received a response and was on the phone with Michael. It was a sign of his professionalism and things to come. In short time, Michael became an expert in my case and was able to fight for me and my child. The case itself was a long case, and was hard as a Dad on so many levels. But Michael was clear about what was going on. He was a good... read more


Excellence Michael was a huge help to me with my case. He and his team were always available to answer any questions I had. They had me completely prepared for my case. I would highly recommend Michael and Cordell & Cordell to anyone.


Very Good Attorney Michael has been extremely diligent in his efforts to finally close a Divorce case for me that has been ongoing since 2012. He has been excellent at communication with me even when I am exasperated by this process. A far better attorney than I have had in the past and I wish I had him at the beginning of this divorce as opposed to the end. I would give him the highest mark possible.


Very Sharp Without getting into detail about my case, I'd just like to say that Michael dug me out of a pretty deep hole. His preparation, craft and determination enabled me to prevail. Thanks to him, my family and children can live a much better life.


Compassionate and professional Michael is an interesting blend of dry humor, and traditional common sense. You get a sense that he's been in the situation you're currently in hundreds of times, and can navigate you towards the best situation. In my case, Michael was unfortunately dealt a bad hand, as the lawyer prior to him made my case incredibly more difficult and expensive costing me thousands of dollars. Michael did what he could, getting fees taken off, and taking the case in a positive direction. I only wish he had been in charge the entire time.


Guardian Angel and Attorney in one I had 2 consults with Michael and several phone calls in between those 2 consults. He showed me the utmost competence, professionalism and compassion of any attorney I have ever met. It was clear that he was more interested than doing what's right for me than what might just be good for business. Even though I haven't retained him yet, his response time, knowledge and very clear and sound legal advice demonstrate to me that he is a rare gem in the legal community! Thank you Michael - you're truly befitting of your namesake Archangel Michael.


Great representation!! Michael Strebe represented me in a recent spousal support hearing and his representation was stellar. I had been raked over the coals by my ex until I hired Michael. He was ALWAYS available whenever I called and he gave a piece of mind I hadn't known during the entire divorce. (5yrs)I used to think I couldn't afford and attorney, after my experience with Michael, I learned I couldn't afford NOT to have him. Thank you very much Michael!


Excellent attorney - highly recommend I turned to Michael Strebe because I was unhappy with my previous lawyer in a dissolution matter. What a pleasant surprise! Michael was knowledgeable, highly effective and always kept in mind my best interest. He maintatined just the right amount of communication, keeping me properly informed while, at the same time, shielding me from all the drama the other party was constantly introducing into the proceedings. Michael Strebe managed to find the proper strategy to bring the whole matter to a timely conclusion. I never felt that he was doing anything to increase his billing (unlike my previous attorney). I... read more


Micheal is one of the best lawyer. I hired Michael to help me with my case and would like to recommend him as a strong advocate who helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Michael guided me through the entire process, with compassion and really cared about my case. Michael was professional and competent through the trial and got me a winning verdict. I highly recommend him for divorce and domestic violence cases.


Responsive and informative Michael helped me with my family law matter. Of course I was not happy needing the services of an attorney, but I was happy to have Michael help me through the process. He was very responsive to my questions and kept me informed throughout this personal ordeal.